Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Operation Gall Bladder:

Wednesday, 15-July-2009 A Blog after long time and the topic is Operation. I do not like this. Before writing this topic I went through my previous blog and I found that slight improvement in English and more important improvement in describing my thought. Now a days I am using less winword for spell check compare to past. One of strong reason to start writing blog is to improve English and ease in describing my idea or thought. I think I am on the wright way. Let me come back on Topic.
A historic day in life as I went through minor operation of gall bladder removal. Although it was minor operation which is for doctor but for me and my family it was major operation and it was historic because it almost removed my fear of operation (Real devil in today’s world) from my mind which is like wining long standing battle. Anyway I would liked to mentioned that I was never scared about this operation as I was knowing what exactly going to happen in operation theatre (seen same operation on Google) and no other option left for me except to operate. Operation details are: Operation: Gall Bladder Removal Date: 23-Jun-09 Tuesday Time: 2pm Type: Laparoscopic Operation Doctor: Maulik Parikh Clinic: Shreemay Clinic I was amazed by the today’s technology as only 1 day hospitalization was required and they just done 4 holes in stomach, no stitches not marks after operation. I was 90% recovered after 7 days and fully recovered after rest of 2 week. Hardly any pain specially after surviving 6 painful strokes, some of them were lasted for 15 hours. It was horrified experience and now I feel that I have taken delayed decision to operate actually I should get operated when it was diagnosed. Luckily nothing wrong happen. I am absolutely fine now and feeling better. It cost me 33k all including. Luckily my company is providing Medical Insurance worth 3 Lac which covers most of the decease. Cost I mentioned here as I want my entire friends to get medical Insurance as soon as possible, it is worth. Let me brief about function of gall bladder. As per me it is 2nd non functional unit in body after appendix, although it is not non functional but with out it one can live as same as normal person. Gall bladder stores bile (liquid which is responsible for digestion of food) released from liver. And it pumped all stored bile into stomach when food enters stomach and valve open. So ultimate function of gall bladder is to store extra bile when stomach is empty. My gall bladder developed stones inside bladder this stone known as gall stones. These stones are as dangerous as it small and I was having tiny gall stones. One of the symptoms is immense pain when you eat oily or fatty food. I went through 6 painful strokes as I mentioned earlier. Out of these 3 were more painful (dangerous). More dangerous part is if any of these tiny stone went and stuck in main duct bile pipe (a pipe which carry bile and released them in stomach) lead to jaundice and some time diabetes so better to get rid of it when it is diagnosed. Biggest plus point of operation was I have enjoyed staying with family and complete rest during these 15 days of leave and negative point was I have to scarifies my most of the leave I saved for Leh trip which was supposed to be in July starting. Anyway I can postpone Leh next year not the operation. Here I would like to mention that Dhara and my sister have given tremendous support during hospitalization and during recovery period. I am a person who do n’t like to thank on such medium (blog) is not required but second thought is what is wrong in using this medium to thank them. I am also thankful to all my friends who called me to ask my well wishes and who did not call me as they did n't know about it.

Monday, April 27, 2009

A trip to Aurngabad

Thursday, 27-Apr-2009
I was planning to go Aurangabad for some times but unable to do so for one or more reason. I have been there before and I find place so much beautiful that I have decided to come back in future. another reason is I want Dhara to Visit that place.

Finally day arrived when I got 3 days continuous leave in Company. Date were 10,11,12 April 09. As usual it was last moment planning, you can not expect me to plan in advance. So I was not getting confirmed rail ticket for Mumbai to Aurangabad. frankly I never prefer travel by bus, but circumstance is such that I have to travel by Bus. So I booked Volvo AC - Sleeper. Against my thought it was wonderful journey as bus is superb(Volvo), Clean and specious. I must mention that I enjoyed journey very well. We depart at 10 pm. on 9th april from Sion and reach Aurngabad at 7.30 am. I have booked MTDC tourism resort in Aurangabad for 2 days.

Resort is located at ideal location. near to railway station and bus station. MTDC has good resort, I can recommend this resort to all.
Same day we have booked MTDC's tourist bus for one day sight seen which includes devgiri fort (Dualtabad Fort), Ellora, temple, Bibi-Ka-Makbara. Charge is 200 pp. It was good deal. Guide provided by MTDC is good and having good knowledge of all the places. Dultabad is very nice fort and famous for it's security measure taken while building fort.

Next Ellora, Ellora is name of town near which there are 40 odd caves was built durign 7 to 9th century.First word came out from me is Wow, First few caves are Budhdhas, next few caves are Hindus, and last few caves ar Jain. Caves are made by cutting mountain with use of Hammer and Kill. I simply do n't understand that how it(Cave) could be built by people during that time. Even in todays time we won't be abel to create marvel like this. It is truly Man Made Marvel, I must rate this ahead of Tajmahal(agra) which was built in late16th century. Cave 14 or 16 is Kailash Mandir, a hindu temple, a big factor for me to visit this place again. you can say I was in Aurangabad to see this mandir only. Kailash Mandir is far, far better than all these Swaminarayan mandir(Gandhinagar, Delhi), Lotus temple Delhi) which was built recently. it is unique peice of creativity. There were number of elephant, Lion, tiger are sculptured bu cutting rocks. If have to pick any one cave from all Ellora and Ajantha Cave, it is surely Kailash Mandir. every one need to visit this place.

Bibi ka Makbara is also good sight. It was copy of tajmahal that waht people say. I am quite and disagree with it. It looks like Tajmahal, but most portion is made by PoP(Plaster of Paris).

Next day we went to Paithan, 90 km away from Aurangabad. It was good place. in Paithan we went to Dam, Paithan Garden. I have not seen many dam, but I can bet paithan by far the best dam I have visited, and I am sure it will remain best for future, Paithan Garden is identical copy of Vrindavan Garden, in evening we seen musical Fountain show in garden. It was treat to watch it. Paithank is famous for it's Paithani Silk Saree. I was extremly lucky that Dhara did not find any good saree, Punjabi Dress which suit her. Otherwise you know what I mean....

Final Day, on 11 Apr we went to Ajantha, a place which tops the chart in man made marvel list. All efforts and word are short to describe beauty of this place, Caves, Location. I must mention that Government are doing great job in order to protect this world heritage sight. I have seen many new positive developments compared to my last trip which is a god sign.

We return Aurangabad around 6.30 in evening had dinner and went to railway station to catch our train. we arrived Dadar (mumbai) in early morning 6.30 pm on Monday.

It was nice trip, I must suggest everybody to visit this place if not.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A perfect Christmas – 2006

Thursday, 08-Jan-2009
This article is on 2006 Christmas Which I spent in Saputara with one of my best friend Shrenik. What a Christmas, we thoroughly enjoyed although we spent good money to enjoy it.
Let me tell you about Shrenik first. We are a school friend and as I believe school friend are best friends, we too best friend of each other. Anyway it is different that now a day we are not in touch on frequent basis but still he calls me from Bangalore and I used to call him from Mumbai at least one in a month or specific occasion. Best memories we share are cricket, playing card, Navaratri and off course movie. We used to bunk tuition class and school in order to watch movie, cricket and playing card. It was indeed happiest time for both of us.
In December 2006, I used to work in Mumbai and he was in Ankleshwar working in Fertilizer Company. On phone we have decide to meet each other either at my place or his. Most liked thing about Shrenik is his willingness, he hardly used to say No to any proposal, whether it is to bunk school for movie, tuition class for match or anything. This time same thing happen, He is ready for Idea of meeting each other.
After discussion on phone Instead of meeting at my or his place we have decided to meet at central place. We have decided to celebrate Christmas in Saputara, intension behind is just to pass good time as we both like each other’s company and not met each other for almost 5 year. That is how we planned Saputara.
We both met at Navasari, Central place for both of us to go Saputara. We almost met around 10 p.m. on Saturday. Then we went to bus stand Navasari, there we came to know that bus will come around 12. So we went for dinner, we have chosen one good Punjabi restaurant. I must mention that it was nice dinner. Then we went bus stand. Remember it was Christmas time so there was huge traffic as all the buses were running full. So we prepared for fight to get our seat. Bus came full, so we got our place around Steps of entrance. We had fight with driver and conductor on some issues I do n’t like to mention it here. Then we reach Saputara around 3 am in night. We started searching hotels but all managers or assistant of hotels were sleeping so it was hard to get room in hotel. Most of the hotels were full due to holiday season. In between we able to find room in good hotel, but in negotiation we became too aggressive with manager and then he requsted us to leave his hotel. At last we able to find a room in top most hotel Kite – a Lake resort. Well placed hotel and if we have to rank hotel in Saputara than this one come at 1st place. We paid 5000 for 1 Day for one double room and breakfast, lunch and dinner included. It was costly trip but we enjoyed it at best.
In next morning we went for boating we almost did it for 2 hours. We thoroughly enjoyed boating, while boating we were cherishing our school time memory. Then we did horse riding that is again for more than 2 hours. We were riding horse for first time as I was scared of horse, but believe me Horse riding is a fun, one should not miss it. We played Video game near by lake, we had good food during trip. It was indeed good time we passed together. We did boating, good food, fun, horse riding, ropeway. Is anything missing to complete this trip? Yes thrill, adventure was missing so while coming back we have decided not to travel by bus. We took Tempo and Stand behind open place. There are steep Ghat in Saputara during those curvy turning we are also moving for one corner to other in tempo. Believe me it was impossible to Travel till Chikhli like this. So we decided to get down on near by town. But we enjoyed that ride also.
Now we both are married and we both get good partner so some times in future we do plan thing like this.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jay's Marriage - A Friendship Thought

Friday, 19-Dec-2008
Today's blog is fusion of Jay and thought which always comes in my mind when I missed to attend marriage of any of my friend.
Today I am leaving for my native place to attend marriage of one of my best friend Jay. Which is schedule on 21-Dec-08. I wish him best for his marriage.
Something about Jay: I always believe that school friend ship are always best and last forever. Jay and I are friends from school time and above statement is true for us. We both has a same regard, respect, caring, faith, trust for each other. these are few words but each has deep meaning so don't count it less. Two important quality which are less in me is hard work & sincerity, I think God is kind enough in case of Jay. He is out standing in these two area. Oops I must be true to my self. right statement for jay on hard work and sincerity is that he has in-excess. we both are facing lot of problem because of that I am facing because I have less control on those quality and he is facing because he has in-excess control. we both need to work on that.
I think it's enough. I believe the more word you require to explain your friendship means some thing is wrong. less word do fine for good friend and in fact we are best friend.

Something about Friendship: I do believe and Rank but I personally feels that in friendship, there are never Ranks by which we can differentiate our friends. it is always Grade which is used for differentiation. my mean for same is that can't be one best friend which u can put on 1st place. But there are few friends which comes under Grade "A", few comes under Grade "B" like that. One need to understand this thing very clearly in order to enjoy it.
One important thing: Happiness spreads fast same as disease like malaria and typhoid. so If you are in touch with happy friend, you naturally feel happy.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tendulkar, Media & Commitment

Tuesday, 16-Dec-2008.
Today I am writing on Tendulkar as we won Chennai match because of his unbeaten 103, that is what media describes, but again I am disagree with Media as Personally I feel It was Sehawag we set the perfect ground for last day so we could think about chasing it. and then Gambhir, Yuvi and Offcourse tendulkar did rest to ensure we win it comfortably, as Man of the match is rightly given to Virendra Sehawag who is rightly deserved and this is it self suggest that IT was Sehwag who is mainly responsible for our win but as Always Media create diff. hype to sell their stories. In India, Media is worst then Politician as they hardly come out with the correct stories, which their basic job. Today They made Sachin hero If he failed then they would have made him ZERO, which is happening with Rahul Dravid. I agreed that he is not in form then what He deserved to be in side for which he played for last 15 years. It is a time when he need our support, support from his true fan. We should apply our mind instead of listening to this media which is of no meaning now a days. I request you all to be committed to your favorite player, player like Sachin, yuvi, rahul dravid in difficult time. this is what we should learn. we are lacking in trust, commitment. We are simply a part of crowd who are running behind politician or some news channel.
Ideal process for any decision should be Once you listen something, listen carefully analyse the fact, think about it, apply your mind and then take a call. I m urging my friend to follow same for rest of your decision. We should be committed we can't take call that Sachin is of no use because he did not play well in last 10,15 or so matches. Commitment is broad word one should understand it's meaning.
Coming back to match it was wonderful to see Tendulkar got those winning run with his century. I am grate, Crazy, wild & most important committed fan of tendulkar. Unfortunate is I did n't able to see neither match not highlight as Neo sport is not coming on my TV. so to compensate it I read all the news paper from both the country India and UK from it's website.
Like IbnLive, NDTV, Cricbuzz, CricketNext, Herald, Telegraph, TimesOnline, Independent ect..... It is nice to read and listen his thought on recent attack on India, and his match winning century. that is what true sign of champion player.
This is Tendulkar's Comment after match:
"I don't think that by India winning and me scoring a 100 would make people who have lost near and dear ones feel better, It was a terrible loss that will stay with all of us in our hearts. But if we can do anything to help them in whatever way we can, or make them feel better, we will. I would like to dedicate my 100 to all those who went through those terrible times. What happened in Mumbai was unfortunate. From my point of view, it was an attack on India which should hurt every Indian, not just those who live in Mumbai.
This is Written in Telegraph Major newspaper in UK about Match:
Emphasising India's solidarity in a time of trouble, it was the partnership between a Hindu and a Sikh that clinched their cricket team a famous victory on Monday.
The latter, the colossal Yuvraj Singh, lifted the former, the diminutive Tendulkar, aloft as the winning runs were secured and they were soon joined by India's leading bowler, Zaheer Khan, a Muslim, in their celebrations. It was a powerful display of unity, symbolising the way forward for India in the aftermath of a brutal assault.

I am thankful to Sachin for giving us (India) so many wonderful moment. Personally I feel he is the best batsmen the world has ever seen.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ladakh A Dream Trip

Thursday, 11-Dec-2008
Last few days I was thinking on a vacation, A trip to banglore which covers Banglore, Ooty, Mysoore, Bandipur. But fortunnatly Come across few articles on ladakh and It is my long term wish to visit ladakh, so it did n't take much time to change my mind and set focus on ladakh rather than banglore. The only problem to change location from Banglore to Ladakh is that I want to stay with Keval (My cousin) who is studying in Banglore. But I cam compensate same by including him on my dream trip, which is I was planning this summer. I was planning it during Mid July to Mid August.
Believe me Ladakh is actual heaven on India. Thousands of Kilometer you won't find anybody. Only you, your friend and a raw nature. Clear Mountains which Top is covered with Ice and rest portion is simply clear. Air is pure like anything. Sky is of blue colour like it is giving definition of blue. Nothing in sky to stop Sun to Show his power. Water is so pure that first time you come to know that water is colourless. Combination of all this makes perfect picture in real which we are using as a wall paper or background in personal Computer.
Let me explain the Trip in details. Mumbai to Delhi by train. Hire Car like Innova for 7 people.
Mumbai ----- Delhi ----- 1 Day ----- Train
Delhi ----- Manali ----- 2 Day ----- Car --- 550 Km
Manali rest--------------- ----- 3 Day
Manali ----- Jipsa ----- 4 Day ----- Car --- 145 Km
Jipas ----- Searchu ----- 5 Day ----- Car --- 87 Km
Searchu ----- Leh ----- 6 Day ----- Car --- 238 Km
Leh ----- Pong Lake ----- 7 Day -----Car
Leh ----- tomorori Lake ----- 8 Day -----Car --- 270 Km
Tomorori ----- Tsokar Lake ----- 9 Day -----Car --- 76 Km
Leh ----- Nubra Velley ----- 10 Day ----- Car --- 50 Km
Leh ----- Kargil ----- 11 Day ----- Car --- 234Km
Kargil ----- Srinagar Via Dras ----- 12 Day ----- Car --- 204Km
Srinagar rest--------------- ----- 13 Day
Srinagar rest--------------- ----- 14 Day
Srinagar rest--------------- ----- 15 Day
Srinagar ---- Delhi ----- 16 Day ----- Car --- 850 Km
Delhi ---- Mumbai ----- 17 Day ----- Train
Total Estimated cost per person is 20000 Max and 16000 Min.
Friends If you gone through this post please feedback me If I need to correct anything or your willingness to join the trip.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Movie List

---This chapter cover all the Movie List through out the blog.
Pakeeza: *****
Cast: Meena Kumari, Ashok Kumar, Raj Kumar
Lyrics: Kamal Amrohi, Kaifi Azmi, Majrooh Sultanpuri
Music: Ghulam Mohmad, Nuashad, Kamal Amrohi
Director: Kamal Amrohi
Released Date: Feb 4, 1972
Type: Musical Love Story, Drama
Comment: A must watch movie for all kind of people specially younger generation. soul of movie is it's music, lyrics and off course performance given by Meena Kumari. Story is unique and with some social message. Dialogue are perfectly written. Movie is released on Feb 4, 1972, but I can bet that making movie like this would not be possible for recent director with available technology. I gone mad after watching this movie. A beautiful love story with many surprises.